CONCEPT: PINK Panty blended online poker, a new collection of Victoria's Secret PINK merchandise and oh yeah, hot supermodels stripping down to their skivvies.  The game, aimed at young women but appealing to a large audience of men as well, allows the user to play Five Card Draw Poker against 5 other players (3 women and 2 men). Each time a hand is lost, so is an article of clothing.  As each model removes one item, they engage in a playful strip tease, revealing the product in a sexy, fun way.  The player with the most clothing remaining at the end of the game is the winner.

RESULTS: Without any media, the site was promoted virally via e-mails and word of mouth. Within days, the site was the hottest topic on blogs throughout the web. And, after its first two weeks, the site was bringing in almost half a million visitors who were interacting with the site for over 8 minutes at a time.



  • Clio Gold Interactive
  • Webby Award Winner
  • D&AD Gold Interactive
  • London International Awards
  • Young Guns International