- Lost Tribe of Civilization



Planet Outdoors is an online retailer of outdoor sporting goods, and a passionate advocate of the "outdoor lifestyle." Simulcast with a nationwide TV campaign, edited on the fly and aired daily, the "Lost Tribe Expedition" site follows a team of professional outdoor adventurers real-time on a three-day mission to make contact with the "Lost Tribe of Civilization", and reveal to them the wonders of the latest outdoor technology. The team carries no money, with only their shiny gear trinkets to barter for basic survival necessities.

The site bears the look of a high-tech "live uplink" environment with a mission countdown clock, exploration team member profiles, and streaming video feeds from the expedition as it advances on the island of Man•Hat•Tan. And allows members of the palest of the Lost Tribe Clan—“The Cubicle People”—the ability to email team members to join their mission and escape the confines of the urban jungle.


The expedition is covered by CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show and other major national and local news affiliates, attracting a week of national attention to the outdoor retailer. The team themselves receive thousands of email requests from office “Cubicle People” and help them send convincing sick day emails to their bosses, freeing them to join the team on their expedition. By mission’s end on the fifth day, hundreds had joined the team on the Brooklyn Bridge to thank them and bid them bon voyage clad in fleece and Goretex®.